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Fig. 7 | Journal of Neuroinflammation

Fig. 7

From: Depletion of regulatory T cells increases T cell brain infiltration, reactive astrogliosis, and interferon-γ gene expression in acute experimental traumatic brain injury

Fig. 7

T cell infiltration of the injured brain tissue is increased in DEREG mice. a Scheme illustrating the perilesional regions (gray) containing infiltrations of CD3 IR T cells. b Double-immunofluorescence images of cryosections showing CD3 IR T cells (green) infiltrating the injured perilesional brain parenchyma as indicated by the presence of GFAP IR astrocytes (red) at 5 dpi. c Histogram showing the mean number of CD3 IR cells infiltrating the brain parenchyma per brain section. Statistical significance was calculated by Mann-Whitney U test (**p < 0.01). Scale 100 μm (b)

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