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Fig. 6

From: Proteomic analysis of cerebrospinal fluid extracellular vesicles reveals synaptic injury, inflammation, and stress response markers in HIV patients with cognitive impairment

Fig. 6

Abundance of astrocytic, stress responses, and inflammatory markers in CSF EVs of HIV- and HIV+ subjects with or without HAND. a EV concentrations measured in 300 μl pooled CSF samples by NTA in HIV-, HIV+ non-HAND, and HAND (ANI, MND, and HAD) subjects (n = 3; 2–3 subjects per pool). b Detection of astrocytic markers GLUL and GFAP, stress response markers PRDX2, PARK7, and HSP70, inflammatory marker CRP, and exosomal markers CD9 and FLOT-1 in CSF EV fractions by immunoblotting. One representative blot is shown for individual markers. Results are representative of three independent experiments. c Densitometric quantification of HSP70, PARK7, PRDX2, CRP, GLUL, GFAP, CD9, and FLOT-1 in samples from HIV-, HIV+ non-HAND, ANI + MND, or HAD from immunoblotting (n = 3 independent immunoblots, except PARK7, PRDX2, and CD9 where n = 2). Bands in each lane were normalized to corresponding EV concentrations. Bars denote mean, error bars denote standard error (SEM). Significant differences between at least two of the four groups are indicated using one-way ANOVA (p value < 0.05)

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