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Table 1 The demographic characterization of PD patients and controls

From: Association of LAG3 genetic variation with an increased risk of PD in Chinese female population

Gender (male/female)341/195387/2590.191b
Age years (mean ± SD)63.73 ± 10.0863.40 ± 12.670.622a
Sex (male/female)12/931/270.80b
Age, years(mean ± SD)53.90 ± 19.2756.86 ± 9.430.36a
H&Y score 2.01(1–3) 
Disease duration 3.25(0.5–11) 
  1. PD Parkinson’s disease, SD standard deviation, H&Y Hoehn & Yahr
  2. ap Value obtained by t test, bp Value obtained by χ2 test.
  3. ap value obtained by t test
  4. bp value obtained by χ2 test