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Fig. 5

From: Loss of amyloid precursor protein exacerbates early inflammation in Niemann-Pick disease type C

Fig. 5

Differentially expressed cytokines and chemokines detected by multiplex protein analysis in the 3-week old mouse cerebella across five genotypes. Progressive loss of functional App allele in NPC mouse model (Npc1−/−/App+/− and Npc1−/−/App−/−) resulted in significant increase of pro-inflammatory cytokines at 3 weeks of age. Cytokines were measured by multiplexed magnetic bead-based immunoassay kit (Catalog# MCYTMAG-70 K-PX32, Millipore Sigma, Burlington MA). a IFN-γ-responsive cytokine IP-10/CXCL10 is the only protein significantly increased in Npc1−/−/App+/+ in the pre-symptomatic mouse cerebella. This increased expression is significantly exacerbated with the loss of APP function (compare Npc1−/−/App+/+ with Npc1−/−/App+/− and Npc1−/−/App−/−). bd RANTES/CCL5, EOTAXIN/CCL11, and IL-10 were also significantly increased in Npc1−/−/App+/− and/or Npc1−/−/App−/− mouse cerebella compared with wild-type (Npc1+/+/App+/+) and/or Npc1−/−/App+/+. e IL-1β expression was reduced in mice lacking APP function (Npc1+/+/App−/−). Values are means ± SEM. *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01. * = compared to Npc1+/+/App+/+; ^ = compared with Npc1+/+/App−/−; # = compared with Npc1−/−/App+/+

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