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Table 2 Top 8 predicted cytokine/chemokine upstream regulators of DEGs identified in Npc1−/−/App−/−, Npc1−/−/App+/+, and Npc1+/+/App−/− mouse cerebella. IPA Upstream Analysis and Comparison Analysis identified eight cytokines and chemokines upstream master regulators in each genotype, compared with the wild-type (Npc1+/+/App+/+) littermates. Each of the three columns (Z-score, − log(p), and #T.M.) across the three genotypes are heatmaps. Red = enriched, green = down, and white = zero. Z-scores and p values calculated by IPA software. #T.M. number of downstream target molecules, WT wild type

From: Loss of amyloid precursor protein exacerbates early inflammation in Niemann-Pick disease type C