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Table 1 Baseline characteristics of 1009 episodes of community-acquired bacterial meningitisa

From: Complement factor H contributes to mortality in humans and mice with bacterial meningitis

Clinical characteristicsn/N (%)
Age (years)60 (45–69)
Male509 (49%)
Predisposing conditions580/1009 (57%)
 Otitis or sinusitis329/1007 (24%)
 Pneumonia90/975 (9%)
 Immunocompromised state b)258/1009 (26%)
Symptoms and signs at admission
 Symptoms < 24 h452/973 (46%)
 Headache742/891 (83%)
 Neck stiffness722/956 (76%)
 Temp > 38 °C757/1002 (76%)
Score on Glasgow coma scale c)11 (9–14)
 < 8 indicating coma135/1008 (13%)
CSF values d)
 White blood cell count (/μl)2497 (561–7561)
 Protein (g/l)3.82 (2.30–5.99)
 CSF/blood glucose ratio0.03 (0.00–0.25)
Causative pathogen
S. pneumoniae727 (72%)
N. meningitidis111 (11%)
 Other171 (17%)
Score on Glasgow outcome scale
 1—death182 (18%)
 2—vegetative state1 (0.1%)
 3—severe disability48 (5%)
 4—moderate disability160 (16%)
 5—good recovery618 (61%)
  1. aData are number/number evaluated (%) or median (interquartile range).
  2. bImmunocompromise was defined by the use of immunosuppressive drugs, a history of splenectomy, or the presence of diabetes mellitus, alcoholism, as well as patients infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)
  3. cScore on the Glasgow Coma Scale Score was evaluated in 1008 patients
  4. dCSF white blood cell count was determined in 970 patients, CSF proteins levels in 963 patients and the CSF/blood glucose ratio in 946 patients