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Table 1 Antibodies utilized for IHC

From: CD4+ T cell expression of the IL-10 receptor is necessary for facial motoneuron survival after axotomy

  Antibody Manufacturer and Cat. no. Dilution
Primary Rabbit anti-IBA1 Thermo Fisher 019-19741 1:500
Rat anti-CD4 488 BioLegend 100423 1:100
Rabbit anti-CD3 Abcam ab16669 1:200
Rabbit anti-CD31 Abcam ab124432 1:500
Secondary Donkey anti-rabbit 568 (used for IBA1, CD3, CD31) Abcam ab175470 1:1000
Donkey anti-rat 488 (used for CD4) Thermo Fisher A21208 1:1000