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Table 2 TaqMan® assays utilized in this study

From: CD4+ T cell expression of the IL-10 receptor is necessary for facial motoneuron survival after axotomy

Gene TaqMan ID RefSeq accession number
B2m Mm00437762_m1 NM_009735.3
C3 Mm01232779_m1 (GenBank–no RefSeq numbers available) BC029976.1, BC043338.1, DQ408205.1, EU868829.1, HM856604.1, K02782.1
Cd40 Mm00441891_m1 NM_011611.2, NM_170702.2, NM_170703.2, NM_170704.2, NR_027852.1
Cd86 Mm00444543_m1 NM_019388.3
Gapdh Mm99999915_g1 NM_001289726.1, NM_008084.3
H2ab1 Mm00439216_m1 NM_207105.3
Nos2 Mm00440502_m1 NM_010927.3
Tnf Mm00443260_g1 NM_013693.3