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Table 2 LETM initial treatment

From: Outcome and risk of recurrence in a large cohort of idiopathic longitudinally extensive transverse myelitis without AQP4/MOG antibodies

 This cohort
Delay of treatment after first symptoms (mean, days)10
First line of treatment (n = 53/53)
 Infusions of methylprednisolone52 (98%)
Second line of treatment (n = 24/53)
 Plasmapheresis17 (71%)
 Infusions of methylprednisolone5 (21%)
 IV immunoglobulins2 (8%)
Third line of treatment (n = 4/53)
 Infusions of methylprednisolone2 (50%)
 Plasmapheresis2 (50%)
Relay by oral steroids (n = 23/53)
 Duration (data for 15 patients) months7.2 (0.2–12)
  1. LETM longitudinal extensive transverse myelitis, IV intravenous