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Table 1 Specific and non-specific NLRP3 inhibitors investigated in the context of TBI

From: The NLRP3 inflammasome in traumatic brain injury: potential as a biomarker and therapeutic target

Inhibitor NLRP3 specific? Pre-clinical TBI studies Species Model of TBI
MCC950 Yes (NLRP3 NACHT domain) [70] [69] [93] Mouse CCI
JC124 Yes (unknown) [92] Rat CCI
Bay 11-7082 No [88,89,90,91] Rat and mouse CCI, weight-drop, and fluid percussion
Mangiferin No [83] Rat Blast
Omega-3 fatty acids No [71] Rat CCI
Apocynin No [84] Mouse CCI
Propofol No [85] Rat Blast
Telmisartan No [86] Mouse Cryogenic