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Table 1 Descriptive statistics of the disease course across different mouse strains with EAE

From: Independent and inter-dependent immunoregulatory effects of NCF1 and NOS2 in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis

Target group Control group Acute EAE Chronic EAE Data source
Ncf1*/*.Nos2+/+ Ncf1+/+.Nos2+/+ ns Fig. 1a
Ncf1*/*.Nos2−/− Ncf1+/+. Nos2−/− ns Fig. 1b
Ncf1+/+.Nos2−/− Ncf1+/+.Nos2+/+ ns Additional file 1c
Ncf1*/*.Nos2−/− Ncf1*/*.Nos2+/+ ns Additional file 1d
L-NAME+ Ncf1+/+.Nos2+/+ PBS+ Ncf1+/+.Nos2+/+ ns Additional file 1a
L-NAME+ Ncf1*/*.Nos2+/+ PBS+ Ncf1*/*.Nos2+/+ ns Additional file 1b
  1. Note: The day 14 post-immunization is used to distinguish between acute and chronic EAE. A down arrow stands for a reduced severity of EAE; an up arrow stands for an enhanced severity of EAE; ns stands for no statistical significance. The comparison between two groups was determined by the Mann-Whitney U test