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Table 2 List of rat primers

From: Microglia depletion fails to abrogate inflammation-induced sickness in mice and rats

Gene Accession no. Taqman assay ID Product size
Gapdh NM_017008.3 4352338E 63
Actb NM_031144.2 4352340E 91
Cx3cr1 NM_133534.1 Rn02134446_s1 124
IL1b NM_031512.2 Rn00580432_m1 121
Tnf NM_012675.3 Rn01525859_g1 92
Il6 NM_012589.2 Rn01410330_m1 87
Il10 NM_012854.2 Rn01483988_g1 105
Oas1a NM_138913.1 Rn04219673_m1 86