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Table 8 Effects of ethanol on MCH and BLBP cells and processes in NEP and mHYP of female embryos

From: CCL2/CCR2 system in neuroepithelial radial glia progenitor cells: involvement in stimulatory, sexually dimorphic effects of maternal ethanol on embryonic development of hypothalamic peptide neurons

Labeled cells/processes Location Control (cells, objects/μm2) Ethanol (cells, objects/μm2)
MCH+ NEP 3.77E− 6 ± 2.47E− 6 2.58E− 5 ± 2.18E− 6*
mHYP 4.21E− 5 ± 1.89E− 6 4.92E− 5 ± 2.31E− 6*
BLBP+ NEP 1.09E− 4 ± 7.76E− 6 1.31E− 4 ± 6.44E− 6*
mHYP 1.37E− 4 ± 6.99E− 6 1.65E− 4 ± 8.69E− 6*
  1. Maternal administration of ethanol (2 g/kg/day, E10–E15) was compared to isocaloric maltose-dextrin control solution (Control) group in the NEP and mHYP areas of female embryos, measured using DIG-labeled in situ hybridization and immunofluorescence histochemistry. Data are mean ± SEM. n = 6/group, *p < 0.05 versus Control. One-way ANOVA was used to compare group means followed by SDS post hoc test.
  2. BLBP brain lipid-binding protein, MCH melanin-concentrating hormone, mHYP medial hypothalamus, NEP hypothalamic neuroepithelium