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Table 1 Flow cytometry and immunofluorescence antibodies

From: Chronic alcohol-induced neuroinflammation involves CCR2/5-dependent peripheral macrophage infiltration and microglia alterations

Antigen Color Clone Company Cat. no.  
CD11b APC M1/70 Biolegend 101212  
CD45 PE/Cy7 30-F11 eBioscience 25-0451-82  
CD68 PerCP/Cy5.5 FA-11 Biolegend 137010  
CD86 FITC     
MHC-II APC/Cy7 M5/114.15.2 Biolegend 107628  
CD206 PE C068C2 Biolegend 141706  
CD163 (goat host) n/a K-18 Santa Cruz sc-18796  
Goat IgG Qdot 525 n/a Invitrogen Q22072  
Primary antigen Primary dilution Company Cat. no. Secondary and fluor Secondary dilution
IBA1 1:500 Wako   Anti-Rb-488 1:500
CD68 1:500 AbD Serotec MCA1957 Anti-Rt-647 1:500
  1. Secondary antibodies from Life Technologies