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Table 2 The most affected cellular functions in the spinal dorsal horn of carrageenan and PCX models

From: Spinal neuronal excitability and neuroinflammation in a model of chemotherapeutic neuropathic pain: targeting the resolution pathways

  Carrageenan PCX
Immune cell trafficking 7.74E−09 7.74E−09
Inflammatory response 7.74E−09 7.74E−09
Cellular compromise 1.56E−06 1.56E−06
Nervous system development and function 9.23E−06 9.23E−06
Hypersensitivity response 2.11E−05 2.11E−05
Neurological disease 2.46E−05 2.46E−05
  1. Based on mRNA expression data quantified from the ipsilateral dorsal horn of rats received either carrageenan or paclitaxel compared to their respective controls (n = 5-7 in each group)
  2. Data were generated using low-density microarray cards. Results shown represent the -log of p values calculated by Fisher’s exact test right tailed (p < 0.05)