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Table 1 Antibody used in western blotting analysis, immunofluorescence staining assays

From: P2X7R-mediated autophagic impairment contributes to central sensitization in a chronic migraine model with recurrent nitroglycerin stimulation in mice

Antibody Manufacturer Catalog number Host Dilution
For western blot analysis
 P2X7 Sigma-Aldrich, USA P8232 Rabbit 1:3000
 LC3 Bimake, USA A5202 Rabbit 1:500
 Beclin1 Cell signaling technology, USA 3495 Rabbit 1:1000
 P62 Cell signaling technology, USA 5114T Rabbit 1:1000
 NLRP3 Abcam, UK ab205680 Rat 1:1000
 IL-1β Bioss, China bs-6319R Rabbit 1:1000
 IL-18 Abcam, UK ab207323 Rabbit 1:1000
 CGRP Abcam, UK Ab139264 Rabbit 1:3000
 c-fos Santa Cruz, USA sc-447 Mouse 1:1500
 β-actin ZSGB-BIO, China TA-09 Mouse 1:3000
 HRPa conjugated anti-rabbit ZSGB-BIO, China ZB-2301 Goat 1:9000
 HRP conjugated anti-mouse ZSGB-BIO, China ZB-2305 Goat 1:5000
 HRP conjugated anti-rat ZSGB-BIO, China ZB-2307 Goat 1:5000
For immunofluorescence staining
 P2X7 Sigma-Aldrich, USA P8232 Rabbit 1:500
 CGRP Santa Cruz, USA sc-57053 Mouse 1:100
 c-fos Novus Biologicals, USA NBP2-50057SS Rabbit 1:5000
 Iba1 Wako, Japan 019-19741 Rabbit 1:800
 Iba1 Novus Biologicals, USA NB100-1028SS Goat 1:800
 GFAP Santa Cruz, USA sc-33673 Mouse 1:200
 NeuN Abcam, UK ab104224 Mouse 1:500
 Cy3 Goat anti-rabbit IgG Beyotime, China A0516 Goat 1:500
 Alexa Fluor 488 Goat anti-mouse IgG Beyotime, China A0428 Goat 1:500
 Alexa Fluor 555 Donkey anti-rabbit IgG Beyotime, China A0453 Donkey 1:500
 IFkine Green, Donkey anti-goat IgG Abbkine, USA A-24231-1 Donkey 1:400
  1. aHRP horseradish peroxidase