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Table 1 Markers of neurodegeneration strongly associated with inflammatory markers. Spearman’s correlation between inflammatory markers, IBA-1, TSPO, and C1q, measured by immunoreactivity and measures of neurodegeneration assessed by MRI volume and NeuN immunoreactivity in hippocampus (Hp) and cortex (Cx)

From: Neuroprotective effect of mitochondrial translocator protein ligand in a mouse model of tauopathy

Region Inflammatory marker Neurodegeneration marker Correlation
r p
Hp IBA-1 MRI volume -0.792 <0.0001
TSPO -0.833 <0.0001
C1q -0.538 0.005
IBA-1 CA1 Width -0.679 <0.0001
TSPO -0.772 <0.0001
C1q -0.588, 0.002
Cx IBA-1 MRI volume -0.702 <0.0001
TSPO -0.538 0.006
C1q -0.795 <0.0001