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Table 1 Antibodies used for immunocytochemistry

From: Viscoelastic properties of white and gray matter-derived microglia differentiate upon treatment with lipopolysaccharide but not upon treatment with myelin

Primary antibody Dilution Source (catalog number) Secondary antibody Dilution Source
Enzymatic immunocytochemistry
 Goat x IIBA-1 1:500 Abcam (ab5076) Impress anti-goat IgG (AP) Undiluted Vectorlabs
 Rabbit x GFAP 1:2000 DAKO (Z0334) Envision+ peroxidase kit for rabbit Undiluted Agilent
Fluorescent immunocytochemistry
 Goat x IBA-1 1:500 Abcam (ab5076) AF 488-labeled donkey x goat IgG 1:200 Molecular probes (A11055)
 Rhodamine phalloidine (F-actin) 1:80 Life Technologies (R415) NA NA NA
  1. F-actin-binding rhodamine phalloidine is fluorescently labeled
  2. NA not applicable