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Table 3 Antibody information for IHC, IF, and WB

From: Galantamine prevents and reverses neuroimmune induction and loss of adult hippocampal neurogenesis following adolescent alcohol exposure

Antibody Dilution Vendor Catalog number Application
Goat anti-doublecortin 1:400 Santa Cruz Biotech. sc-8066 IHC
Mouse anti-doublecortin 1:100 Santa Cruz Biotech sc-271390 IF
Rabbit anti-Ki67 1:200 Abcam ab66155 IHC
Rabbit anti-cleaved caspase-3 1:10,000
Cell Signaling 9661S IHC
Rabbit anti-HMGB1 1: 1000 Abcam ab18256 IHC
Rabbit anti-COX-2 1:2500 Cell Signaling 12282S IHC
Mouse anti-CCL2 1:1000 Millipore MABN712 IHC
Mouse anti-PCNA 1:4000 Cell Signaling 22586 IHC
Rabbit anti-BDNF 1:500 Abcam ab108319 WB
Rabbit ant-Insulin R β 1:1000 Cell Signaling 23413S WB
Mouse anti-gp91-phox 1:200 Santa Cruz sc-130543 WB
Rabbit anti-Pan-Trk 1:1000 Cell Signaling 92991S WB
Mouse anti-IGF2 1:100 Santa Cruz sc-515805 WB
  1. IHC Immunohistochemistry, IF immunofluorescence, WB western blot