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Table 1 Human postmortem samples from BA9 prefrontal cortex, that were used in this study

From: Astrocytic C–X–C motif chemokine ligand-1 mediates β-amyloid-induced synaptotoxicity

Sex Age (Y) PMD (h) Braak stage ApoE Observations
M 59 50 0 n/a Normal adult brain
M 40 40 0 n/a Normal adult brain
M 78 10 0 2/3 Ageing changes (mild)
F 82 13 0 2/3 Argyrophilic grains low to moderate density
F 92 17 I 3/3 Control brain with some tau deposition
F 55 12 I n/a Minimal tau pathology consistent with HP-tau stage-I
F 81 17 I 3/3 Mild ageing changes Braak I
M 81 18 I n/a control—old cerebral infarct (Braak I)
M 93 33 II 3/3 Mild alzheimer-type changes—Braak II
F 84 35 II n/a Alzheimer changes Braak II consistent with normal ageing
F 97 39 II n/a Very mild Alzheimer’s disease type changes BNE stage 2, control
M 92 11 III n/a Mild alzheimer-type changes—Braak III
F 70 38 III n/a Possible AD (CERAD) Braak III (limbic) BNE stage III
M 86 52 III n/a Alzheimer type changes (ageing), BNE stage 2, control
F 98 3.5 III n/a Alzheimer’s disease BNE IV, CERAD probable; TDP-43 pathology (hippocampus and amygdala)
F 89 36.5 III 3/3 Alzheimer’s disease pathology (BNE stage IV) with amyloid angiopathy & limbic TDP-43 pathology but cognitively not impaired
M 82 28 IV n/a AD (modified Braak IV) with limbic TDP-43 pathology
M 86 53 IV n/a AD (modified Braak IV) with extensive severe amyloid angiopathy
F 83 22 IV n/a AD (limbic stage-modified Braak IV) with moderate–severe amyloid angiopathy
F 89 56 IV n/a AD HP tau stage 4, severely affecting limbic system and moderately extending to neocortex
M 92 70 IV n/a Alzheimer’s disease (BNE stage 4)
F 80 13 V 3/4 AD Braak V with mild amyloid angiopathy
M 86 26 V 4/4 AD Braak V with moderate amyloid angiopathy
F 84 24 V 4/4 Alzheimer’s disease Braak 5
F 97 12 V 3/3 Alzheimer’s disease Braak V
M 72 5 VI 3/3 AD Braak VI with marked amyloid angiopathy
F 91 28.5 VI 3/4 Alzheimer’s disease, Braak VI
  1. Age is shown in years (y), postmortem delay (PMD) in hours (h), sex, ApoE genotype (when known) and Braak stage. Braak stage 0 cases had some phospho-tau but did not meet Braak stage I criteria and were used as controls