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Fig. 4

From: Elevated proportion of TLR2- and TLR4-expressing Th17-like cells and activated memory B cells was associated with clinical activity of cerebral cavernous malformations

Fig. 4Fig. 4

B cell subsets in CCM patients. Following the gate strategy and representative dot-plots and histograms shown in panels (A) and (C) we determined the mean frequency of different B cell subsets in healthy subjects (Control, Ctrl, n = 20) and patients [CCMAsympt (n = 14) and CCMSympt (n = 23)] using a combination of monoclonal antibodies anti-CD19, anti-CD27, anti-CD38 and anti-IL-10. A similar analysis was performed among larger and more granular B cells in CCM patients (EG). Data are shown as mean ± SD of 5 independent experiments with 4 to 7 samples per experiment. Significance was calculated by comparing different cell culture conditions from CCMAsympt and CCMSympt groups (B and D Kruskal–Wallis and Dunn’s test; D to F, Student’s t test)

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