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Table 1 Antibodies used for immunofluorescence (IF) and western blotting (WB)

From: B cell-dependent EAE induces visual deficits in the mouse with similarities to human autoimmune demyelinating diseases

Name Species Dilution IF Dilution WB Source
Olig2 Rabbit 1:500   Millipore
FluoroMyelin N/A 1:300   Life Technologies
RBPMS Guinea pig 1:500   PhosphoSolutions
M-opsin Rabbit 1:500 1:5000 Millipore
S-opsin Goat 1:200 1:2000 Santa Cruz
Peanut agglutinin N/A 1:250   Vector Laboratories
GAPDH Mouse   1:20,000 Abcam
GFAP Rabbit 1:500   Dako
GS Mouse 1:1000   Millipore
Iba-1 Goat 1:500   Novus Biologicals
CD68 Rat 1:1000   Abcam
Syt2 Mouse 1:200   Abcam
ChAT Goat 1:100   Millipore
NF-H Mouse 1:500   Millipore
Melanopsin Rabbit 1:2500   Advanced Targeting Systems
B3T Mouse 1:1000   Promega
P-Erk1/2 Rabbit 1:100   Cell Signaling
  1. N/A not applicable