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Figure 2

From: TLR-3 receptor activation protects the very immature brain from ischemic injury

Figure 2

TLR-3 is expressed in the very immature rat brain. Double staining with anti-TLR-3/anti-NeuN, a neuronal marker (a, d), anti-TLR-3/anti-GFAP, a marker for astrocytes (b, e) and anti-TLR-3/anti-CD68, a marker for microglia (c, f) was performed in normal (a-c) and ischemic (d-f) P5 rat brain as described in Methods. Immuno-detection was performed using immuno-fluorescence staining method (n = 6-10 pups/marker); TLR-3 in yellow, NeuN in red (a) and green (d), GFAP in brown and CD68 in red. Arrows indicate the co-localization of TLR-3 and NeuN, GFAP, or CD68 in the cortex at the dorsal hippocampal level.

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