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Figure 5

From: Complement activation fragment C5a receptors, CD88 and C5L2, are associated with neurofibrillary pathology

Figure 5

C5L2 and CD88 colocalize with markers of hyperphosphorylated tau and can be expressed in the same neurofibrillary tangles. Confocal pictures of hippocampus of AD cases showing colocalization of (A) C5L2 (Abcam, anti N1-50, red) and AT8 (green), (B) CD88 (Novus anti C300-350, red) and AT8 (green), and (C) CD88 (Novus anti C300-350, green) and C5L2 (anti N1-50 red) colocalize in tangles. Scale bar: 50 um. AD, Alzheimer’s disease.

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