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Figure 3

From: Rosmarinic acid protects against experimental diabetes with cerebral ischemia: relation to inflammation response

Figure 3

Effects of RA on TNF- α- induced HMGB1 and NF- κB activation. SH-SY5Y cells were pre-incubated with HMGB1 inhibitor, glycyrrhizin (100 μM) or RA (9 μM) for 120 minutes and then incubated with TNF-α (20 ng/ml) for 30 minutes. HMGB1, IκB, phospho-IκB-α and phospho-NF-κB expression were analyzed by Western blotting. RA indicates rosmarinic acid. Results are expressed as fold increase over control, n = 5. * P <0.05, ** P <0.01 vs. TNF-α-induced group. # P <0.01 vs. control group. Significance was determined by one-way analysis of ANOVA followed by Dunnett’s test.

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