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Table 1 Neuromyelitis optica (NMO)-IgG/AQP4-Ab seropositivity rates as found in an M1-AQP4-DNA-based cell-based assay with leaky scanning (LS, ‘assay A’) and in an M23-AQP4-DNA-based cell-based assay (’assay B’)

From: Aquaporin-4 antibody testing: direct comparison of M1-AQP4-DNA-transfected cells with leaky scanning versus M23-AQP4-DNA-transfected cells as antigenic substrate

 Either assay A or B 77/368 (20.9%)
  Assay A 76/368 (20.7%)
  Assay B 74/368 (20.1%)
 Both assay A and B 73/77 (94.8%)
  Assay A only 3/77 (3.9%)
  Assay B only 1/77 (1.3%)
 Neither assay A nor B 291/368 (79.1%)
  1. aM1-DNA- and M23-DNA-transfected cells were tested simultaneously on separate biochips within the same well to ensure identical incubation conditions.