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Figure 1 | Journal of Neuroinflammation

Figure 1

From: Neuronal apoptosis and inflammatory responses in the central nervous system of a rabbit treated with Shiga toxin-2

Figure 1

Immunofluorescence analysis of the localization of Stx receptor Gb3/CD77 in the rabbit CNS. Intense fluorescence was detected on the blood vessels of the spinal cord gray matter (A), whereas fluorescent signals were much weaker on those of the spinal cord white matter except anterior spinal artery (arrow) (B) and hippocampus (C). Confocal images of double staining with rhodamine conjugated RCA 120 showed the different fluorescence signal patterns from Gb3/CD77 and revealed the colocalization of both in the small vessels and capillaries; Gb3/CD77 (D), RCA 120 (E), and merged (F). (Original magnification: (A)-(C) 200×; (A)-(E) 630×)

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