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Figure 4

From: Astrocytes play a key role in activation of microglia by persistent Borna disease virus infection

Figure 4

Astrocytes are activated by BDV and conditioned media from BDV-infected neurons. Measurement by ELISA and multiplex of the release of RANTES by BDV-infected mixed cultures (white bar), persistently BDV-infected pure astrocytes (gray bar) or after exposing primary uninfected astrocytes to media collected from BDV-infected neuronal cells (dark gray bar). Media were collected at 10–14 d.p.i. for mixed cultures, at 7–10 days after passage for persistently infected astrocytes, and at 2–4 days after AF5-media treatment for astrocyte cultures. Each bar shows mean ± SEM normalized to values obtained from respective mock-treated sister cultures. Dots indicate single data values for each experiment. The results of the paired t-test on two populations (mock vs. mean): *p < 0.05

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