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Table 3 Summary of matched cases

From: Impact of innate immunity in a subset of children with autism spectrum disorders: a case control study

Study group Age (yr) Median (range) Atopy Asthma
ASD-test1 6.4 (3.3–11.8) 5 3
ASD-control2 6.7 (3.2–12.1) 4 3
Normal control 6.4 (3.3–12.5) 5 4
  1. 1 In ASD-test group, they are diagnosed with autism (N = 15) and PDD-NOS (N = 4) and the ASD case controls were matched with ASD diagnosis in addition to age and sex.
  2. 2 All the ASD case controls were documented to have developmental regression at the onset of ASD symptoms as were the ASD test group children.