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Figure 4

From: Expression and distribution of Toll-like receptors 11–13 in the brain during murine neurocysticercosis

Figure 4

Expression of TLR13 in brains of mock infected control and NCC mice analyzed by immunofluorescence microscopy. Balb/c mice were infected intracranially with M. corti and sacrificed at various times p.i. Brain cryosections were analyzed for expression of TLR13 and cell specific markers using fluorochrome conjugated antibodies. Nuclear staining DAPI is blue. (A) Mock infected control stained with TLR13 specific antibody (400×). (B) M. corti infection at 1 wk showing TLR13 positive staining in neurons (400×). (C) M. corti infection at 3 wk when maximum TLR13 expression was observed (400×). (D) M. corti infection at 6 wk showing TLR13 positive staining (400×). (E) Mock control mice stained with TLR13 and neuron specific antibody (Neun) (400×). The insert e' represents a 2× magnification of a selected area depicting TLR13 expression (Red) on neurons. (F) M. corti infection at 3 wk showing TLR13 positive neurons, merged image (yellow/orange; 400×). (G) M. corti infection at 3 wk showing TLR13 positive astrocytes and its processes, merged image (yellow/orange; 400×). The arrow points to the pial vessel expressing TLR13. (H) The relative levels of TLR13 expression in mock and M. corti infected animals was calculated as described in experimental procedures.

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