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Table 2 Correlation between clinical score and disease progression (day 1–35).

From: Bioluminescence in vivo imaging of autoimmune encephalomyelitis predicts disease

  Clinical score
  Brain Spinal cord
  R P R P
Astrogliosis (GFAP) 0.700 0.0001 0.817 < 0.0001
Microgliosis (CD68) 0.642 0.0007 0.803 < 0.0001
T cell infiltration (CD4) 0.784 < 0.0001 0.855 < 0.0001
Weight loss R= 0.855; P= 0.0001
  1. GFAP-luc mice were immunized with MOG35–55 emulsified in CFA plus pertussis toxin. Mice were evaluated daily for clinical signs. Bioluminescence was recorded in living mice and expressed as fold induction over baseline measured 1 day before immunization. Neuroinflammation was measured by immunolabeling for GFAP (astrogliosis), CD68 (microgliosis) and CD4 (T cell infiltration). These markers were quantified separately in brain (cerebellum) and spinal cord using Metamorph image analysis software. The correlation between these markers and corresponding clinical score was assessed by Pearson correlation analysis (n = 23 mice). R: correlation coefficient.