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Figure 4

From: Central nesfatin-1-expressing neurons are sensitive to peripheral inflammatory stimulus

Figure 4

Representative photomicrographs of c-Fos (DAB precipitate)/nesfatin-1 (green)/TH (red) triple labeling performed on brainstem coronal sections of rats treated with LPS. Note the presence of c-Fos positive neurons co-expressing nesfatin-1 and TH (arrowheads), c-Fos+/Nesf+ neuron negative for TH (arrow) and c-Fos+/Nesf-/TH-neuron (asterisk). Dashed box in image (A) indicates the area where high magnification images (D-E) originate. AP, area postrema; cc, central canal; DMNX, dorsal motor nucleus of the vagus; NTS, nucleus of the solitary tract; ts, tractus solitarius. Scale bars: 150 μm (A-C); 40 μM (D-F).

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