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Figure 3 | Journal of Neuroinflammation

Figure 3

From: Delayed inflammatory mRNA and protein expression after spinal cord injury

Figure 3

Demonstration of pathway connections amongst genes of the delayed-expression group. The 'Transcriptional Regulation' algorithm demonstrated a high degree of interconnection and pathway similarities amongst genes of the delayed-expression cluster (identified with blue bubbles and highlighted in boxes). Genes are organized according to compartments, with extracellularly located proteins placed on the left of the figure, and nuclear proteins on the right. Note the multiple connections between genes of the delayed-expression cluster and a few transcription factors, including ETS1 and SP1, as well as common induction pathways, such as IFNγ and TNFα. Green lines indicate positive interactions; red lines indicate negative interactions. Connections of interest, for example between transcription factors and genes of interest and direct interactions, have been highlighted.

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