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Figure 5

From: Temporal pattern of expression and colocalization of microglia/macrophage phenotype markers following brain ischemic injury in mice

Figure 5

Coexpression of CD11b (red) and CD68 (green) 24 h (A-B) and 7d (C-D) after pMCAO. In the ischemic core at 24 h CD11b positive cells are prevalently globular and some of them are positive to CD68 (A). In the border zone (B) CD11b cells display rounded cell bodies and ramified processes positive to CD68. Globular CD11b cells in the lesioned area 7d after ischemia mostly express CD68 marker (C). A high number of CD11b cells displaying different morphology colabel with CD68 in the border zone (D). Data are representative of 3 independent experiments. Bars: 20 μm.

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