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Table 1 Primary antibodies

From: Lack of macrophage migration inhibitory factor in mice does not affect hallmarks of the inflammatory/immune response during the first week after stroke

Primary antibody Supplier Catalogue Dilution
Rabbit anti-MIF Torrey Pines Biolabs TP234 1:300-1:5000
Mouse anti-Tuj1 Chemicon (Millipore) MAB1637 1:500-1:800
Mouse anti-Parvalbumin Sigma-Aldrich P3088 1:4000-1:6000
Mouse anti-GST-p BD Transduction Laboratories 610718 1:500
Rat anti-Mac2, biotinylated Acris Antibodies CL049B 1:500
Mouse anti-GFAP, Cy3 Sigma-Aldrich C9205 1:5000
Mouse anti-GFAP Sigma-Aldrich 3893 1:2500
Rat anti-CD31 BD Pharmingen 550274 1:200
Rat anti-CD74 BD Pharmingen 555317 1:200