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Figure 2

From: S-Nitrosoglutathione reduces oxidative injury and promotes mechanisms of neurorepair following traumatic brain injury in rats

Figure 2

Effect of GSNO on reduction of the expression of 3-NT at 14 th day after TBI. Photomicrographs of IHC show enhanced reaction of 3-NT (red color) in the traumatic penumbra region of TBI compared to GSNO group. Sham brain does not show 3-NT-positive cells. Colocalization (yellowish, merged) of 3-NT (red color) with either neuronal marker NeuN (green) (B) or endothelial cell marker PECAM-1 (green) (C) indicates that both neurons and endothelial cells have significantly increased expression of 3-NT even after 14 days of TBI. Photomicrographs are representative of n = 3 in each group.

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