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Table 1 Top-scoring gene ontology categories down-regulated in mice vaccinated with MOG-encoding DNA

From: Treatment with MOG-DNA vaccines induces CD4+CD25+FoxP3+ regulatory T cells and up-regulates genes with neuroprotective functions in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis

GO ID Category MGSAa Enrichmentb Expressionc
GO:0006954 Inflammatory response 0.935 4.1 Downregulated
GO:0002376 Immune system process 0.758 3.2 Downregulated
GO:0030133 Transport vesicle 0.719 3.9 Downregulated
GO:0000323 Lytic vacuole 0.609 4.3 Downregulated
GO:0015914 Phospholipid transport 0.511 4.1 Downregulated
  1. GO-oriented analysis with differentially expressed genes obtained with microarrays from brain and spinal cord tissue was conducted in order to classify biologically related genes. Ontologizer 2.0 software was used for GO term enrichment analysis.
  2. aMGSA: score obtained using a model-based gene set analysis. Only categories with a score >0.5 are represented.
  3. bEnrichment values indicate how many times genes from the corresponding GO categories are overrepresented in the list of differentially expressed genes compared to the list of random genes.
  4. cExpression: refers to the direction in gene expression observed in MOG-DNA treated mice (n = 5) versus plasmid control mice (n = 5). GO ID: GO identification.