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Table 2 Western Blot primary and secondary antibodies.

From: Activation of TRPV1 by capsaicin induces functional Kinin B1 receptor in rat spinal cord microglia

Primary antibodies Molecular weight Dilution Source
rabbit polyclonal anti-rat B1R 37 kDa 1:1000 Réjean Couture's Laboratory [48]
rabbit polyclonal anti-rat p65NF-κB 65 kDa 1:1000 SantaCruz Biotechnology (Cat number Sc-8008)
mouse monoclonal anti-rat dynein 70 kDa 1:20000 SantaCruz Biotechnology (Cat umber Sc-13524)
Secondary antibodies Protein detected Dilution Source
HRP-linked goat anti-rabbit B1R, p65NF-κB 1:5000 SantaCruz Biotechnology (Cat number Sc-2077)
HRP-linked goat anti-mouse dynein 1:5000 SantaCruz Biotechnology (Cat number Sc-2005)