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Figure 6

From: Delayed expression of cell cycle proteins contributes to astroglial scar formation and chronic inflammation after rat spinal cord contusion

Figure 6

Delayed systemic treatment with CR8 reduces chronic inflammatory protein expression at 4 months post-SCI. (A) Double-labeling immunohistochemistry revealed increased expression of PCNA (b) and OX42 (e), and their co-localization (h) in the injured tissue at 4 months post-injury. Delayed systemic CR8 treatment reduced immunoreactivity in both PCNA and OX42 (c, f, i). (B) SCI induced the increase of expression of Iba-1 and p22PHOX in contrast to sham tissue (c-d), whereas these increases were attenuated by CR8 treatment (e-f). Scale bars = 500 μm.

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