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Table 1 Relationships between region of interest (ROI) mean cortical thicknesses and TGF-β1 serum levels for the 70 healthy participants

From: High serum levels of transforming growth factor β1 are associated with increased cortical thickness in cingulate and right frontal areas in healthy subjects

Left hemisphere ROIs    Right hemisphere ROIs   
  Pearson's r p-value   Pearson's r p-value
Caudal anterior cingulate .363 .0018 Rostral anterior cingulate .439 .0001
Rostral anterior cingulate .247 .0393 Caudal anterior cingulate .330 .0051
    Superior temporal .278 .0194
    Inferior frontal opercular .273 .0217
    Rostral middle frontal .243 .0428