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Figure 1

From: The NAMPT inhibitor FK866 reverts the damage in spinal cord injury

Figure 1

Effects of FK866 treatment on histological alterations of the spinal cord tissue 24 h after injury and motor function. Significant damage to the spinal cord in mice subjected to SCI, at the perilesional area, was apparent, as evidenced by the presence of edema as well as alteration of the white matter 24 h after injury (b, b1). Notably, an important protection from SCI-associated damage was observed in the tissue samples collected from FK866 (c) treated mice. GPP78 (d) displayed the same effects of FK866 in histological score (e) and similar improvements in the motor activity (f). The histological score (e) was made by an independent observer. The degree of motor disturbance was assessed every day until 20 days after SCI by BMS criteria (f). Treatments with FK866 enhanced the recovery after SCI. This figure is representative of at least 3 experiments performed on different experimental days. Data are means ± s.e. means of 10 mice for each group. *p < 0.01 vs. Sham. °p < 0.01 vs SCI + vehicle.

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