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Table 1 Primary and secondary antibodies used in immunocytochemistry and western blotting

From: Microglia P2Y6 receptors mediate nitric oxide release and astrocyte apoptosis

Primary antibodies
Antigen Code Host Dilution Supplier
GFAP G9269 Rabbit 1:600 (IF) Sigma
GFAP G6171 Mouse 1:600 (IF) Sigma
CD11b sc-53086 Mouse 1:50 (IF) Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc
P2Y6 APR-011 Rabbit 1:200 (IF) Alomone
1:300 (WB)
iNOS AB5382 Rabbit 1:5 000 (IF) Chemicon
Actin sc-1615-R Rabbit 1:200 (WB) Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc
Secondary antibodies
Antigen Code Host Dilution Supplier
TRITC anti-rabbit T6778 Goat 1:400 (IF; GFAP, P2Y6) Sigma
1:2 000 (IF; iNOS)
Alexa Fluor 488 anti-mouse A-11034 Goat 1:400 (IF) Mol. Probes
anti-rabbit conjugated to horseradish peroxidase sc-2004 Goat 1:10 000 (WB) Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc