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Figure 2

From: Monoacylglycerol lipase inhibitor JZL184 reduces neuroinflammatory response in APdE9 mice and in adult mouse glial cells

Figure 2

The level of microgliosis and total Aβ burden in JZL184 and vehicle-treated tg APdE9 mice. Similar to Figure 1, JZL184 treatment reduced Iba1 immunoreactivity in (A, E) temporal cortex (TC) and (I, M) hippocampus (HC) and 6E10 immunoreactivity in (B, F) TC and slightly in (J, N) HC of tg APdE9 mice when compared to mice treated with vehicle only. Merged images from TC (C, G) and from HC (K, O). DAPI-stained nuclei from the responsive areas in D, H, L and P. Scale bars indicate 500 μM.

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