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Figure 10

From: Who let the dogs out?: detrimental role of Galectin-3 in hypoperfusion-induced retinal degeneration

Figure 10

Immunohistochemical labeling of Gal-3 (red), Iba-1 (green), and DAPI (blue), epifluorescent imaging and confocal imaging. (A) Double-labeled WT hypo retinas with Gal-3/Iba-1 show colocalized expression of Gal3 in small, round structures in Iba1-labeled microglial cell bodies (arrow). (B) Confocal linescan z-stack slice revealing two extra-nuclear Gal-3 inclusions in a microglial cell, adjacent to a large, non-uniform Gal-3 labeled structure (arrows). (C) A three-dimensional rendered image of a microglial cell with two Gal-3 inclusions, adjacent to a Gal-3 positive structure. (D) Colocalized labeling of Gal-3 inclusions (arrows) in an Iba1-positive microglial cell. (E) Iba1-positive cell with Gal3-labeled structure (arrow). Scale bars = 25 μm.

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