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Fig. 5

From: Inhibition of NOX2 reduces locomotor impairment, inflammation, and oxidative stress after spinal cord injury

Fig. 5

Acute NOX2 inhibition reduces inflammatory response by 7 days post-injury. All listed cell types were under a live CD45+ gate. Microglia/macrophage were further isolated as CD11b+Gr-1 (a), neutrophils as CD11b+Gr-1+ (c), and T cells as CD3+ (e). The first column in each row indicates an isotype control. Quantitation shows that gp91ds-tat treatment significantly reduced the macrophage/microglia (b) and neutrophil (d) populations but had no significant effect on the T cell population (f). *p < 0.05 vs scrambled ds-tat, Student’s t test. Bars represent mean ± SEM

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