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Fig. 4

From: Ccr2 deletion dissociates cavity size and tau pathology after mild traumatic brain injury

Fig. 4

Assessment of tau phosphorylation and localization by tissue staining. Sections from control heterozygous and Ccr2 RFP/RFP mice after surgery (Sham) or mild injury were stained with the AT8 pTau antibody. Images were taken from the cortex near the lesion cavity (a) and the underlying hippocampus (b) and the corresponding contralateral side. Injury induces increased pTau immunoreactivity as background neuropil staining in control mice and mislocalization to the cell body in Ccr2 RFP/RFP mice. Scale bar, 100 μm. c Insets show pTau staining (AT8, red) in relation to DAPI-positive nuclei (cyan) for the indicated ipsilateral regions (boxes). Scale bar, 50 μm

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