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Fig. 8 | Journal of Neuroinflammation

Fig. 8

From: Suppression of LPS-induced tau hyperphosphorylation by serum amyloid A

Fig. 8

SAA-induced reduction of tau phosphorylation is blocked by neutralizing IL-10. a A schematic representation of experimental design. SAA (20 μg) was stereotaxically injected into the left and right hippocampus with the IL-10 neutralizing antibody (8 μg) or saline (4 μl per site). Assays were conducted after 48 h. b Representative blots were probed with anti-phospho-tau antibodies recognizing phosphorylated tau at Thr205 and Ser396 and total tau (Tau5), respectively. β-actin was used as a loading control. c Quantification of the relative phosphorylation level of tau in each sample, normalized against the integrated density of total tau (Tau5) in each sample. All data shown are mean ± SEM, with four mice in each group; *p < 0.05 compared with mice receiving saline controls; # p < 0.05 compared with mice receiving SAA

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