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Table 3 Primary antibodies and their dilutions

From: Complement activation at the motor end-plates in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Antigen Species Specificity Type Dilution Art.#/company
Neurofilament heavy chain (NF-H) Rabbit polyclonal Anti-neurofilament Anti-human 1:1000 ab8135/Abcam
MAC (ae11 clone) Mouse monoclonal Anti-C5b-9 complex Anti-human 1:200 M0777/Dako
FITC-conjugated C1q complement Polyclonal rabbit Anti-C1q Anti-human 1:50 F0254/Dako
FITC-conjugated DAF Mouse monoclonal Anti-CD55 Anti-human 1:40 555693/BD Pharmigen
CD59 Mouse monoclonal Anti-CD59 Anti-human 1:50 HM2120/Hycult
C1q Polyclonal rabbit Anti-C1q Anti-human 1:50 A0136/Dako
FITC-conjugated C3c complement Polyclonal rabbit Anti-C3 Anti-human 1:50 ab4212/Abcam
DAF Mouse monoclonal Anti-CD55 Anti-human 1:150 Ab20145/Abcam
Synaptophysin Rabbit monoclonal Anti-synaptophysin Anti-human 1:50 RM-9111-S/Thermo Scientific
Synaptophysin Mouse monoclonal Anti-synaptophysin Anti-human 1:200 M0776/Dako
S100b Rabbit polyclonal Anti-S100b Anti-human 1:100 Z0311/Dako
S100b Mouse monoclonal Anti-S100b Anti-human 1:500 S2532/Sigma