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Fig. 1

From: A novel antagonist of p75NTR reduces peripheral expansion and CNS trafficking of pro-inflammatory monocytes and spares function after traumatic brain injury

Fig. 1

EVT901 treatment reduced p75NTR-expressing leukocyte in the circulation at 7 days after TBI. ac Leukocytes were obtained from normal C57Bl/6 mouse blood, and cell type was identified by flow cytometry. p75NTR is expressed on CD11b+ cells (b) and Gr-1+ cells (c). d, e Blood was obtained from C57Bl/6 mice at 7 days after TBI with or without EVT901 treatment and isolated leukocytes were immuno-stained with p75NTR Ab. TBI increased the absolute number of p75NTR+ cells, while EVT901 treatment significantly reduced the number in the circulation. One-way ANOVA showed a significant effect of condition (F 3,9 = 4.62, p = 0.03, η 2 = 0.61, power = 0.71; Tukey’s post hoc test: TBI vehicle vs TBI-EVT903, p = 0.03). n = 2–3 for sham and n = 4 for TBI. Asterisk indicates p < 0.05

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