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Fig. 2 | Journal of Neuroinflammation

Fig. 2

From: A monoclonal natural human IgM protects axons in the absence of remyelination

Fig. 2

rHIgM12 treatment improves both horizontal and vertical activity in SJL mice during established demyelinating disease. Groups of SJL mice (N = 10 per treatment group) at 45 dpi were placed in activity monitoring boxes. Baseline measurements were collected over 8 days. Beginning at treatment (time zero), mice were monitored continuously over an additional 8 weeks. a, c correspond to horizontal activity and b, d correspond to vertical activity. a, b Original, unfiltered recordings for horizontal and vertical activity normalized to baseline; c, d third-order polynomial fitting of standardized z values normalized to baseline revealed improvement in both horizontal and vertical activity of the rHIgM12-treated group compared to the control IgM-treated group. Horizontal (e) and vertical (f) nocturnal activity of rHIgM12-treated mice compared to control IgM-treated mice significantly diverged above the x-axis (more activity) (p < 0.05) post-treatment. The pointwise lower 95 % confidence bands for the nocturnal activity are represented on the y-axis scale

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